This company is a designated enterprise of Zhejiang Electrical Industry Bureau established by Zhejiang Electrical Power Construction Corporation, Zhejiang Electrical Power Design Institute and Zhejiang Transmission and Transformation Project Corporation, and it is a professional production enterprise that can offer integrated services including research, design, production and installation etc. The products of the company include thin centrifugal steel pipe and concrete towers, transmission and transformation truss, microwave tower, large-span tower and other kinds of tower structures. The company has complete production capabilities from pipe cutting and welding, concrete centrifugation, anti-corrosion (clean rust with high-pressure sanding and hot zinc spraying) and structure construction, complete quality system and testing equipments.
The company is in Fengdu Industrial Park of Pingyao Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, which is 25 kilometers away from the city center. Located along State Highway 104, it has very convenient transportation. All the professional technicians and customers are welcome to visit our company and discuss cooperation with us.

Introduction of products of Hangzhou Hongda Electrical Power Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: In 1991, the experts from State Electrical Power Plan Institute, Zhejiang Electrical Power Design Institute and Xin’anjiang Concrete Product Factory worked together with technicians of our company and developed J series tower for electrical transmission and transformation with thin centrifugal steel tube and concrete structure. All the customers are satisfied with the performance of the products when they are used in construction of the first 110 KV double-loop electrical transmission line of Kunming Electrical Power Bureau, 220 KV line and 110 KV line of out-door distribution equipments at Xiaoshan Power Plant, and high tower of 230 KV 130 m span line in Wenzhou etc. The product was approved with a network access license by the state product quality testing center in 1993. Now our company has installed production lines with annual production capability of over 2000 tons, and our products are sold well in many cities in Zhejiang and other neighboring provinces. Our company produces the products according to the standards of the state electrical power institution, and we always keep our promises and produce products of good quality in time. Whenever our customers have difficulties in installation, we can send out technicians to the working site to assist the customers and make sure that our customers are satisfied.

Issued by Ministry of Electrical Power Industry of the People’s Republic of China A Notice about issuing “Technical
Criterion of Thin Centrifugal Steel Pipe and Concrete Structure”No. DJ[1996]216
Electrical Power Management Departments, Provincial (Regional and Municipal) Electrical Power Bureaus, General Electrical Power Plan and Design Institute, Electrical Power Plan and Design Institutes:
“Technical Criterion of Thin Centrifugal Steel Pipe and Concrete Structure” has been approved as a recommended industrial standard after inspection, and it is issued for your application now.
Document code: DL/T5030-1996
This standard will take effect from October 1, 1996.
Please send your problems and suggestions in implementation of the criterion to General Electrical Power Plan and Design Institute and the office of Standard Implementation Group.April 1, 1996